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The leading marketplace lending platform in Northern Europe

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Borrowers and Lenders

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Investor returns

The information on this presentation is not an offer to invest in peer-to-peer consumer loans or crowdfunded business loans nor may it be construed as a suggestion to engage in such activities, unless otherwise agreed upon. The client is responsible for the financial results of their investment activities. Investment activities always involve financial risk. Invested capital can be lost either entirely or in part and the sought-after profits may never be realized. Past performance is not a guarantee of equivalent performance in the future.

How Fellow Finance crowdfunding works?


1. Fellow Finance

Fellow Finance platform is a marketplace for creditworthy consumer and business borrowers and investors looking for steady cash flow with stable returns.


2. Borrower

Borrower fills a loan application and decides the desired loan amount, duration and interest rate he is willing to borrow with.


3. Lender

Lender registers by opening an investor account and sets his own lending criteria.


4. Repayment

Investor receives monthly repayments and interests and Fellow Finance manages the administration between parties involved.

Fellow Finance kansainvälisesti Finland Since March 2014 Population 5.5 million Consumer and business loans Sweden Since May 2018
Population 9.9 million
Consumer loans
Poland Since April 2016
Population 37.9 million
Consumer loans
German Since September 2017
Population 82.5 million
Consumer loans

Fellow Finance kansainvälinen

The leading marketplace lending platform in Northern Europe

Finnish Fellow Finance Plc is the leading marketplace lending platform in Northern Europe. Fellow Finance lending platform ensures safe transactions between the borrowers the lenders (investors). Our loan based crowdfunding service enables companies and consumers to apply financing directly from lenders at market-based pricing. Fellow Finance is the only crowdfunding service in the eurozone, that provides both peer-to-peer lending services for individuals and businesses. Fellow Finance is an Authorized Payment Institution supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. The company is owned by its founders and a Helsinki Stock Exchange listed Taaleri Plc. Fellow Finance is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Lend or borrow

Both borrowers and consumers can lend in Fellow Finance. Currently peer-to-peer consumer loans are available for German, Polish and Finnish customers. Finnish companies can apply for business loans and invoice funding. Investors are both private individuals and companies. Investing in loans is free of charge and the credit loss risk is capped. Try out the investor's live demo account to see how the service works.


Our crowdfunding service operates on market-based auction principle. The interest rate of a loan is set based on the offers from the investors to the borrower. The investor decides the rate he is willing to lend and the borrower the rate he is willing to pay for his loan. Thus, the loan terms are decided between the investors and the borrower. The market-based auction principle ensures that the borrower will be presented always the lowest offers. The lowest offers will then be consolidated as a single loan offer and even though the loan is funded by several investors the borrower will have only one loan to repay. Fellow Finance manages all administration between the parties and takes care that interests and capital repayments are distributed to the investors according to their terms of investing.


In Fellow Finance companies can apply for loan-based crowfunding directly from the investors. For years, large companies have had the opportunity to apply for funding by emitting bonds. Now Fellow Finance enables this option for smaller companies. In our service a creditworthy company, regardless of its size, can access a market-base priced funding channel which gives companies a one more alternative when applying for funding.


At our marketplace, any private individual or a company can start investing in consumer and business loans and by doing so, access an investment option that has previously been only available for insitutional investors. Fellow Finance idenifies and evaluates the loan applicants. As an investor you can choos whom you are willing to lend and at which terms. Monthly interest rate and capital repayments can be easilyt re-invested to new loans which allows investors to benefit from compound interest. As returns from investing in consumer and business loans does not correlate much with the stock or bond market performance, investing through Fellow Finance serves as an excellent option for diversification of assets. The investing is free-of-charge and the credit loss risk is capped. Fellow Finance team has a long and proven track-record in successful credit risk analysis.

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